The Beginnings

Like anything in life, we must start off small. After decades in the landscape construction trades, I realized that I needed to change my career trajectory and get off the big tools of gas-axes, wheel barrows and excavators so I took a brief sabbatical from work. The reality that I soon came to terms with was that I can never sit still and need to have the physical, creative and tangible output from my day-to-day job.

After selling my old construction firm, Paradise Cityscapes, I started picking up an old hobby of drinking coffee and puttering in the garage much like my grandfather used to do with his briar pipe, red jacket and Blackhawks cap, oiling tools three times for every one time they were used. I moved and lost the garage/shop and found myself doing the same on my deck all the while feeling that my new career, construction management, was not fulfilling the need to create.

On a summer road trip through the Rockies, journal in hand, and after a paddle down the Red Deer river, we conceived of this idea – Longview Woodworks. So here we are less than two years later – creating!!